dance-meditation workshop and women’s healing circles (both in English)

As a child I always liked to be in movement. I also liked to lie down quietly on the carpet and gaze away, I would observe images in my imagination, and fly in my mind. This pretty much describes the work I do today.

There’s so much more to life than what we think. When going beyond the usual day to day thinking, we discover a whole new world of love and happiness. It's always there, inside us, and between us. 

Dance freestyle - we let go of who we think we are through our body, and reconnect to our new self, with great music and in a safe environment.
Meditation - the meditation we do is connecting to the quanum field of endless possibilities. We let go moment by moment of our familiar self, and connect to the energy of higher love, our new joyful self. 

Bio-Orgonomy - is an energy healing method that is based on the work of William Reich, in which the healer uses the movement of the eyelids to connect to information and to heal the person’s physical, emotional and spiritual condition, by opening their energy fields.

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